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Custom Design Projects

We have had a few inquiries in the last few weeks regarding home design but have been a little busy. Right now, there is capacity now for 1 or 2 projects.

If you have a unique project and would like 3D design, planning and execution support, please contact us at

If you are looking to:

- Create something different and custom

- Customize a home plan or create your own version

- Design your dream cabin

- Choose a patio design and see how it looks and what it costs

- Figure out how to situate your building on your unique piece of land

- Design your dream garage

- Build onto your property

- Obtain price and material estimates

- Get help with the whole process...

... We are interested in helping out. We can show you what your design will look and feel like, or how your property will look if you choose certain options. We can evaluate your design and comb over every detail to help you move forward as prepared as possible and build exactly what you want.

Looking for unique projects and will provide custom solutions to suit your needs. Call to discuss.

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