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Oil and Gas / Marine Construction


By expanding our network and experiences across many different industries and projects, we are able to bring a seasoned contribution to any type of project. Our team has experience and knowledge from many different projects such as:


  • ROV Support functions

  • Construction vessels

  • Dive Support vessels

  • Heavy Lift vessels

  • Subsea projects

  • Marine Logistics

  • Building / Site upgrades

  • Drafting and 3D design support

  • Technical / Procedure / Document support

  Project Support Roles​  

Long term, or short term support for your current or upcoming projects. Remotely or on site, we provide services to either supplement or lead your team to success. We demand excellence and professionalism from our team.

  Scopes of Work​  

Six-Sixty completes technical scopes of work from early stages through to execution or any combination required. We provide solutions in technical procedure writing/review, 3D drafting and design, on site support, scope management and more.

  Consulting and Management Support Roles  

We can manage, or provide personnel to help manage operations and projects to ensure efficient execution. From logistics, to vessel operations, and construction scopes, our team can provide the leadership and organization required to ensure the success and safety of your operations.

Please contact us to discuss in further detail.

Oil and Gas + Subsea + Marine Construction + ROV + Consulting + Execution

Six-Sixty Consulting Services

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