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Six-Sixty Services Ltd

Consulting / Execution / Planning / Construction / Management


Six-Sixty Services was established in 2012 and our experience extends beyond this. We have spent years working in the Oil and Gas industry as well as on commercial and residential construction sites all over Eastern Canada for an array of clients and businesses. Combining this experience, we are skilled in Project management and execution as well as drafting and 3D design, and operations management. Six-Sixty Services has a wide range of experience to apply to complex projects.


We take pride in our technical approach to design and execution. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of accuracy and competitiveness to ensure positive results. We strive to bring you the highest class of on-site service, design and project completion. Our #1 goal is to work WITH YOU and FOR YOU to ensure your success.

For both Oil and Gas as well as Construction projects, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Give us a call to discuss a significant, dedicated and contributing role in your next project


 What Can We Do For You?! 

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