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Subsea / Remote Cutting

  Control Cutter AS​  

ControlCutter AS started in Norway in 2010  with the vision of producing innovative, affordable and practical solutions for the oil  & marine industry to enhance safety and support exploration and development efforts. 

Control Cutter to provides services such as:


  • Decomm cutting of flowlines, flexible risers, tubing and caissons

  • Subsea remote and ROV operated cutting

  • Chain cutting for surface and subsea applications

  • Emergency cutting equipment for Anchor Handlers, Oil Rigs and other applications

The technology can cut chain up to 167mm in size in less than 3 seconds! Solutions can be customized to meet any requirement.

Click the links find out more about Control Cutter and contact a representative for Canadian/US Operations

Oil and Gas + Subsea + Marine Construction + ROV + Consulting + Execution

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