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“What drastically reduces the performance of your Heat Pump is when the evaporator freezes or gets plugged with snow. When this occurs, the compressor is melting the ice; it’s not heating your home”


1 emergency service call during the life span of your mini-split heat pump, will pay for a Cover.


  • Frame - 1.315", 14 gauge galvanized structural steel.
  • Cover - 18oz HD industrial grade vinyl tarp for the roof and gable ends, providing maximum snow load strength.
  • Sides - 10oz high tear industrial mesh to allow for proper airflow but yet fine enough to block snow.
  • 7 year pro rated warranty on the cover versus UV damage; 1 year manufacturers warranty on all parts.
  • Heat Pump Cover features innovative gable end design. It not only looks attractive but serves to prevent snow drifting by cutting down on wind blow through.
  • 2 sizes availale
  • Custom Orders Available


Our cover is installed with ease using a ratchet and pipe tension system. This system provides a drum tight fit to help prevent snow from sticking. We provide quick attach clamps, used to secure the frame to the supplied aluminum angle brackets. Easy to install.


Once you place your order, you will receive an email to arrange payment requested by bank transfer, cash or check. You will receive a receipt via email and your order will be shipped.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Cover

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